our roles

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business development

You want to build a revenue stream or business from the ground up. Castus will identify prospects, negotiate partnerships, and build a global distribution network for your business. We will leverage existing relationships, first-hand knowledge, and insightful data to make informed decisions and guide you through the business development process, so you can start seeing revenue now.


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market analysis

You're launching for the first time, trying to decide which channels to enter, and how to approach them. Castus will help you identify, research, and target specific markets, channels, and partners in order to optimize your Go-To-Market strategy. By using a strategic and measured process built on data and personal knowledge, we are able to provide valuable insights that will save you time and money.


training & education

Your team is talented but young. Or maybe they need a refresher on how to look for the right customer and close sales. With years of successfully managing multi-million dollar accounts and closing hundreds of sales, we have the expertise to train and educate your staff in areas like customer segmentation, business development best practices, and step-by-step sales processes, which means your team will be high-impact and drive more growth.

Our expertise

  • Sales Strategy
  • Distributor & Retailer Management
  • Remote Team Recruiting & Management
  • Product Launch Planning & Execution
  • Value Chain Optimization
  • Retail Pricing Strategies
  • Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting
  • Partner Vetting & Selection
  • Customer Service Protocols
  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Trade Show Execution
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Product Compliance & Certification
  • Import / Export Procedures
  • Production Management
  • SKU Optimization & Management
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Partner Summit Execution
  • Language & Translation Management
  • Direct to Consumer (DTC) Sales
  • Shipping Logistics & Optimization

OUR value

Castus helped us run numbers, establish MAP pricing and come up with a market strategy. [They] provided information on quality control, material testing, advised us on graphics for our website, and put together a presentation that we can use to obtain funding, and partnerships. We feel a lot more confident in our strategy and have defined goals because of Castus. The best part is we feel like we have a big brother that we can reach out to if we get stuck or need guidance.


Elizabeth Best, Co-Founder & CEO - Milly Button