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Consultants: Your Secret Weapon to Growing Your Business in 2019

Imagine this: you have just finished presenting your 2019 goals and projections to your board of investors. All of the pressure surrounding 2018 and the work that goes into defining measurable success in the new year is over.

January 1, 2019 rolls around - you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the new year.  You sip your morning cup of coffee (or diet coke - and yes, this is a nod to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos), and you get down to business. It’s time to take action.

  • Who should I talk to first?

  • Do we have the capacity to meet our objectives?

  • Do we have the right people on board?

You realize you have set ambitious growth goals for yourself and your business in 2019, and you’re not sure where to start.

Thankfully, we do.

Goals will stay incomplete without a strategy

Of course your goals will feel lofty and unattainable if you don’t have a strategy or the resources in place to point you in the right direction.

In an article published in Forbes by Senior Associate Dean of International Business and Finance, Bhaskar Chakravorti advises to move beyond typical business class strategy and focus on emerging markets and opportunities.

“It is time to take another look at how we are preparing managers to do business in emerging markets. Business strategy needs to be re-thought and re-learned. If you remain trapped by axioms developed for twentieth century industrialized markets, you will suffer trapped value in the emerging opportunities of the twenty-first century.”

Chakravorti goes on to address business executives by recommending they put aside traditional, by-the-book business principles and approach the present day global climate from a different perspective.

This is where we come in. Our team offers expert insight and the resources you need to meet your defined goals this year. Our punch and competitive advantage lies in the fact that we are analyzing your business from an unbiased point of view. Our objective perspective gives us the opportunity to reassess your existing processes and implement out-of-the-box tactics that will drive growth.

On your mark, get set…

By hiring a consulting firm, you’re investing in the proper expertise and processes to reach your business goals. We pride ourselves in our expertise in strategic planning, but also in our ability to prepare teams for the execution phase.

Once your strategy is complete, you have to be ready to implement. The “readiness” phase is one that many businesses opt out of. If you have the strategy in hand and the willpower to complete your goals - then what’s stopping you?

You may have thought that was a rhetorical question. But, we have three answers to why you should never execute immediately post-strategy:

1) You’re lacking in qualified resources

When speaking solely about global market growth, you will need the right team representing your company on the front lines. Our ability to find your business the right resources is crucial to the success of your strategy. We have hired, trained and managed teams all over the world, so when you need to hire in order to reach your goals, we will be right there beside you.  

2) You haven’t prepared for the possible cause-and-effect of entering a new market

With every key business decision comes a possible response. Whether the response is positive or negative, from investors or from consumers - you and your leadership team need to be prepared to make hard decisions for the future of the company.

As your Trusted Advisors, we will ensure that you and your team are ready to meet your 2019 goals and then some. What are the next steps once you hit your goal? Is this new initiative feasible? We will guide your company and ensure your partnerships are scalable and exponential for years to come.

3) You aren’t sure where to begin
The final step of our strategic planning process is the comprehensive market evaluation. This step will outline the order of strategic implementation that needs to occur to get closer to meeting your goal. Once you have digested the plan, it is crucial that all involved in the execution are fully aware and ready to begin. However, despite having a true action plan, the next steps can appear overwhelming. That’s why we make sure to stick around after the planning period is over.

“Strategy. Readiness. Execution. It’s this philosophy that makes our approach different.”

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Executing your growth plan can be simple with the right support

Many consultants stop assisting once the planning period is over. However, we believe that no opportunity can become a reality without action. We will accompany you and your team through the strategic execution until you feel confident in reaching your goals. We can help execute prospect sales pitches, contract negotiating, new account setup, and provide additional value in many areas of your business.

The defined secret weapon to growing your business is hiring a Trusted Advisor, but the true value is much more than that.  Having a consultant on your team means you can set the most ambitious goals for your business and you’ll feel confident in knowing you have the right resources behind you. You will find unmatched value in our broad experience and our powerful network across the globe.

Be more. Be global.

2019 could be the year your company turns a profit, gains a new audience in a new market, orhits a revenue milestone. Whatever it may be, we are ready to dive in. For more information on our global business development services, contact us via email (hello@castusglobal.com) or submit a form on our contact page.

Grow Your Business in 2018 With These Two Strategic Moves

Based on headlines about the changing landscape of U.S. retail during 2017, it would be easy to reach the conclusion that Amazon has created chaos and the days of brick and mortar stores are over. The reality is that chaos creates opportunity and there are many (big) retailers that are not only surviving – they’re thriving. As such, the first strategic move brands need to make in order to see growth in 2018 is “pick a winning partner and get behind them.”

Sporting goods giant, Dick’s will open 150 stores by 2018 and general merchandise retailer Burlington has seen positive same-store sales growth since 2012; most recently with 4.5% YoY comps in 2016.

Growth for One Does Not Mean Growth for All

This is not to say that all brick and mortar retailers should (and will) be seeing growth this year. Some retail giants have made questionable decisions and overextended themselves in a difficult time (i.e. Toys “R” Us bankruptcy), but clearly Dick’s and Burlington have found a winning formula. They are proving that the strong – and smart – horses will win the race and stand the test of time in a chaotic and changing landscape.

Yes, Amazon is huge. Yes, Amazon will keep getting bigger. But the reality is that online retail accounts for only 10% of total sales in the U.S. According to a 2017 study by eMarketer, consumers still prefer to shop in-store vs. online in most categories.   

Find a retail partner that has positioned itself to weather the storm, by creating a unique experience for its consumers that cannot be replicated online.  Pick a winning partner and get behind them in 2018.

Think Bigger Than Your Backyard

The second strategic move brands need to make in order to see growth in 2018 is “think globally.”

For many years the U.S. has been the leading market for consumerism. We have been the single largest retail market in the world, while 95% of the population lives outside our borders. But that is about to change. The Diplomat recently reported that China is forecasted to become the largest consumer market in the world from now, until at least 2030.

China’s driving force for this growth is their sheer volume of buyers. It is estimated that by 2020 China will have 400 million “mainstream consumers”. That’s more people than the entire U.S. population - with disposable money and looking for ways to spend it. 

But China isn’t the only market where brands should be focused. Increased wealth, growing eCommerce, and improved logistics networks will make markets like Europe, the Middle East, India, and South America more accessible and more enticing to U.S. brands.

Yes, you should be focused on “winning at home” with a strong strategy for the U.S., market, but there is massive opportunity outside our borders. This year, think globally and you’ll stand a better chance to see long-term growth, as well as short-term gains.

For more advice on how to design the right strategic sales plan or build your business outside the U.S., contact Castus via email (hello@castusglobal.com) or contact us via our website: http://castusglobal.com/contact/

This 4th of July, Be Patriotic, But Look Abroad Too

Patriotism is especially pertinent this holiday week, but for business owners large and small, there is more opportunity abroad than ever. A weakening US dollar means oversees customers can afford to purchase more and invest in your brand.

The Wall Street Journal reports that emerging markets are projected to grow by 4.7% this year, which is more than double the U.S. and Europe.

Photo by Bill Oxford/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Bill Oxford/iStock / Getty Images

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