When does opportuniy become reality? When you execute a plan. We move beyond the planning stage, where most consultants stop.  Effective business development requires strategy and action. CASTUS delivers both.

  • Global Business Development: We go in-market and lead the New Business Development process by prospecting and engaging potential customers. The CASTUS team does our homework so we understand what prospects are looking for and how to approach them.

  • Prospect Sales Pitching: We will create sales presentations, pitch materials, and best practices for presenting your products to the “decision makers” in any organization. We have years of experience demonstrating products in settings ranging from the trade show floor to the board room.

  • Contract Negotiation: Our team has years of experience negotiating multi-million dollar contracts. We know how to manage conversations with buyers, marketers, merchandisers, executive teams and third party service providers. We’ll be your advocate in every conversation to ensure your new partnerships are fair and economically viable.

  • New Account Setup: We are not motivated by short term gains or sales commissions on accounts that don’t deliver real growth opportunities. We will ensure your partnerships are designed for sustainability and growth. We will help identify hidden clauses, terms, or fees that will prevent your business from scaling effectively and profitably.

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