The Pittsburgh Impact: Castus Small Business Scholarship

At Castus, we help businesses strategically grow through all stages: from evaluating the best time and place to bring a concept to market, through expanding large businesses into new markets. Thriving small businesses are the backbone of thriving communities. We are honored to partner with local business owners that work each day to make Pittsburgh a special place.

Greater Pittsburgh-area for-profit companies with revenue less than $10MM are encouraged to apply. The contest will be narrowed down to three finalists and the Castus team will meet with each business finalist to determine the winner. Winner will be announced in January.

One winner will be selected to receive complimentary services from Castus customized for their business. Examples of services could include business development strategy, sales process training and infrastructure development, or coaching on how to build a pitch deck and presentation techniques.

Entries will be accepted through December 15. The winner must be able to redeem the scholarship at a mutually agreed upon time before July 2019. Services will be provided over two working sessions with the Castus team.

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