A Conversation With Our CEO, Damon Claus

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Get to know our CEO, Damon Claus!

What is your role at Castus?

I am the Chief Executive Officer at CASTUS. I have been in this role since founding the company in 2016, but my responsibilities have changed over time. When founding the company, I literally had to do everything (like all entrepreneurs). I was responsible for business development, account management, branding, marketing, accounting, website maintenance, and IT. Now with a larger team, I am able to focus my efforts on Business Development and Strategic Growth for CASTUS. This is better for everyone, because I am a terrible accountant!

What is your experience with consulting?

I would argue that I have been a consultant my whole career. From my first job as salesperson with a sound company while in High School, I have been in Client Service. And I have always been focused on solving problems for my clients and customers, acting as a trusted advisor.  This means I have 17+ years of experience, but more recently, I have worked in the Juvenile Products industry as VP of Sales with 4moms and in the Pet Care industry as a Strategic Consultant for Petco. 

What lead you to become a consultant? 

Simply put – I love helping others solve complex problems and identifying growth opportunities. I am truly most satisfied when I’m able to experience a shared “win” with a close partner. I also love fostering new relationships with people all over the world. Differences in culture and worldview can be bridged with thoughtful and honest communication. 

What is your most memorable experience from traveling for a client? 

This is a difficult question. I have visited more countries than I ever imagined. From Moscow, to Sydney, and from Hong Kong to Sao Paulo – I have been very fortunate to see a lot of world markets. But my most memorable travel experience was likely Moscow. It is such a unique market with so many dynamics. The people are fascinating, and the places are breathtaking.

What was the most rewarding ROI you’ve seen from your work with a client? 

We have generated significant value for Petco in the form of new market entry and top line sales growth. This is obviously important and measurable, but CASTUS has also delivered strategic growth plans to many clients which have led to fundraising, increased sales, and new growth opportunities. As mentioned, the most rewarding experiences are when we get to celebrate success alongside our partners. 

Describe a time where the data lead to a strategic decision in your plan? 

We try to keep data at the center of our decision-making process because it is such a powerful tool. As a result, we start every partnership with a Strategic Planning Project and each project is initiated with data mining. If you allow data to “speak to you” your decisions will be less biased and less emotional. They’ll be based in fact and therefore be more strategic-minded. 

It’s Time. Go Global.

There is no better time than now to consider global expansion. Our years of experience entering global markets can ensure you have the research to support the decision, along with a strategy to successfully implement. For more information on our global business development services, contact us via email (hello@castusglobal.com) or submit a form on our contact page.

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