Meet the Panelists for our Scaling Globally Event

We are thrilled to host our first Scaling Globally event on June 6th, 2019. As we draw closer to the event we want to introduce our esteemed panelists. Throughout this article you will get to know some of Pittsburgh’s most innovative tech experts and what they have to offer for our global discussion.

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Denis Meinert, Head of Finance at Duolingo

Meet Grove City and IUP alum Denis Meinert. Denis serves as Duolingo’s Head of Finance. In his role, he forecasts, assesses risk, and implements long-term profitability strategies for the free language-learning application.

Duolingo’s roots lie in the art of teaching new global languages, so it is no secret that Denis is exceptionally qualified to speak to what it means to scale globally. With an application deeply rooted in diverse language learning courses, Duolingo must constantly adapt their cutting-edge application to global markets.

Sameer Kshirsagar, Head of Supply Chain and Business Operations at Uber Advanced Technology Group

Give a warm welcome to our next panelist, Sameer Kshirsagar. Sameer boasts an impressive educational background, starting at Virginia Tech and earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, then moving on to earning his M.S. in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University, and lastly earning his MBA from Ohio State University. On top of these accomplishments, Sameer holds certifications in Supply Chain from the University of Texas at Austin and Strategies and Leadership in Supply Chain from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Sameer serves as the Head of Supply Chain and Business Operations at Uber Advanced Technologies Group. Uber ATG is the self-driving autonomous vehicle operation headquartered in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Uber ATG is lucky to have Sameer’s extensive experience in supply chain management, quality operations, engineering and lean manufacturing. We’re thrilled that Sameer is part of our panel!

Kevin Dowling, CEO at Kaarta

We are honored to introduce Kevin Dowling, the CEO of Kaarta. Kevin’s education is rooted in Carnegie Mellon’s world-class programs in mathematics, robotics, and computer science. Kevin graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with his PhD in Robotics and Computer Science.

His company, Kaarta, is paving the road of 3D technology. Kevin and the Kaarta team create 3D models and maps of the real world in real time, and then integrate them into existing workflows. Kevin is also the founder of Pittsburgh Robotics Network which is devoted to addressing commonly found issues in the local robotics industry.

We’ll let Kevin’s LinkedIn biography explain just how significant of an asset he is to our panel:

“At the intersection of science and business, I've been fortunate to be a member of leadership teams that have propelled early-stage companies with advanced technology to industry leadership, as well as an IPO and $800M exit. Strong and effective experiences in engineering, R&D, supply chain, and IP. I love to build teams, products, tech, and companies.”

Mary Koes, Product Manager at Google

Mary Koes, Product Manager at Google, is another incredible success story that comes out of CMU’s Robotics Institute. Prior to joining Google, Mary worked at the innovative juvenile company, 4moms, for over 9 years.

As VP of Technology, she spent time setting strategic IT visions to enable growth, improve efficiency, and streamline service across multiple business units. In addition, she was an integral member of the leadership team with her prior experience as VP of Operations. In this role, Mary oversaw the design, development and general oversight of all products.

As you can tell, Mary’s experience in technology and operations is the perfect match for our panel. Now, Mary is a Product Manager at leading search company, Google, and we can’t wait to hear her insights.

Steven Murray, Senior International Trade Specialist at US Commercial Service

Since our panel will focus on the current global business climate, we knew we needed an expert who focuses solely on this process. This is where Steven Murray, Senior International Trade Specialist at the US Commercial Service, comes in!

Steven is joining us with over 20 years at the US Commercial Service. His skills lie in international trade, export controls, and international relations. His extensive experience will tie our entire panel together, as we discuss how Pittsburgh companies can expand across the globe.

If you haven’t secured your tickets for our inaugural Scaling Globally panel, make sure you do so now. Proceeds from ticket sales will be benefiting charities chosen by our panelists. Charities include:

Our panel is on Thursday, June 6th from 5pm to 8pm, and tickets are $35. Tickets include networking hour, the panel, two drinks, and appetizers. You can purchase them at this link.

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